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(unknown user) Spring cleaning
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Posted at 12:25 pm on Mar 12, 2007

Paul Johnson...A History of the American people
Asking $6.50ppd

Amsco...To Your Good Health...hardback book....Asking $8ppd

Steams of Civilization Volume 2...Asking $12ppd

Streams of Civlization Vol. 1 Answer Key....Asking $4ppd

Janice VanCleave's Chemistry for Every Kid...$8ppd

Janice VanCleave's Physics for Every Kid...$8ppd

Janice VanCleave's Biology for Every Kid...$8ppd

Or take all 3 Janice VanCleave's books for $17ppd

KingFisher Fully Revised and updated History Encylopedia...$20ppd

DK Millennium Children's History of the 20th Century..Dustjacket torn on the binding...Asking $16ppd

DK Eye Witness Books...Presidents~~ $8ppd

An Age of Extremes--has dogears on the bottom right corner and a name written on the first page. ~~~asking $8ppd

All the people--has a name written on the inside of the cover and the first page has been bent~~$9ppd

Writers INC--$10ppd

War, Peace, and All that Jazz--cover has a little bend to it..~~$8ppd

Hammond Atlas of the 20th Century--the binding has a small tear--Asking $12ppd

The Century by Peter Jennings and Todd Brewster--$16ppd

The 20th Century An Illustrated history of Our Lives and Times---$16ppd

54--Student Text 2nd edition, has some pencil marks in the book, from past users~~this edition has the number of the lesson by each problem that it was covered--Answer key has seen better days but all there, Test--clean but the book has seen better days. $25ppd....NOW $20

65--This says it is the 4th printing, May 1990--there are some stray pencil marks and smudges from past users.
The answer key has seen better days but all pages are there. Test book has been scribbled on the back(blank pg) and the cover has smudge marks, test have not been written on. Asking $25ppd...NOW $20

87--this is the 3rd edition student book $25..NOW $18 the cover is bent and there are some dogears through-out.

Alg 1--Student Text--slight wear on the edges and on the binding, has a name and stamp from a company on the inside and first page, maybe be some stray pencil marks~~ Solution manual--cover shows wear, the front cover has come loose from the binding but holding on in the middle, has two stamped names on the inside cover, may have stray pencil marks~~Test-smudge marks and maybe some stray pencil marks, answer key--the cover has come off, but still have, smudge marks , dog ears and may be some stray pencil marks
Asking $35...NOW $30

Alg 2 w/ dive cd-- Student text 2nd edition--there maybe some stray pencil marks and maybe some smudges~~ solution manual--cover is bent and there maybe some stray marks, test--some smudge marks, may be some stray pencil marks.

The St. Martin's Guide to Writing..this is a hard back book, has highlights through-out book, name and number on the first page. Asking $6ppd

Grammar and the Teaching of Writing, the top right hand corner has been bent. asking $4ppd

Purchased this new this yr.
One page had a small dogear, not sure how that got there.
Asking $14ppd...NOW $12ppd

Singapore MPH 4th grade science set:
All new and never written in.
My Pals are Here! set includes:

Student Text
Student Workbook
Student Activity Book
Teacher's Edition
TE Activity book
Student Text
Student Workbook
Student Activity Book
Teacher's Edition
TE Activity Book
Asking $38ppd for set 4A and 4B


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