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(unknown user) MUSE magazine (kid's magazine by the Smithsonian) 10 issues for $15ppd
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Posted at 11:34 am on Apr 11, 2007

I have the following 10 issues of MUSE magazine for sale. This is a kids magazine published by the same people who put out the Smithsonian magazine for adults. I have listed below the main articles for each issue, but this is not an exhaustive list of all the issue contains. All are in very good condition from a non-smoking home.

Who's in Charge Here (parasites)/Harvington Hall--House of Secrets/Bombs Away (pumpkin bomb contest)/Phineas Gage (brain injury)/Card tricks

Fascinating Chess Sets & chess history/Harry Potter's Chess Teacher/The Harry Potter Chess Strategy/Chess Secrets/Excerpt from "Molesworth" (book about British schoolboy)/Nature's Blimps (manatees)

The Black Death/What Disease Was It?/Looking Into the Pit (fictional diary of living during the Black Plague)/A Turning Point (effect of Black Plague in history)/Sun Suckers and Moon Cursers (life in the 1500's)

Who Killed Napoleon?/Was Captain Kidd a Pirate?/How to Plunder a Galleon/The Plague of Sailors/fictional sea story

Beauty & Clothing through History/Giving Clowns Happy Feet/The Fork Comes to the Table/Smudging the Linen (how we got napkins)/Regrettable Food

The Irreedemable Weirdness of the Dog/Are Dogs Dumb?/A Dog's Life (history of dogs in various cultures)/The Dog tha Bit People/Gambling Dogs (training)

How to Fight with Rapiers/How to Make Art With Food/How to Catch a Cold/Hailstone Numbers/Lost History of the Sword/Photographer of the Imagination

Hairy Barbarians of the Silk Road/Brief History of the Silk Road/Chinese mummies/Chinese history/Did Marco Polo Go To China?

Why We Can't Get there (star travel)/To the Moon and Back/Were the Moon Landings Faked?/Conspiracies/Life Without Gravity/

Feathered Dinosaurs/Notes of A Cereal Spy/Decorated Downspouts/Happy Gargoyles

Please email if interesed. engedi6k_@_gmail.com (remove underscores)

I take Paypal (non cc), MO's and personal checks (will hold item 7 business days before mailing to allow personal checks to clear).

Thanks for looking,

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