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Posted at 3:06 pm on Aug 22, 2007

Paypal ONLY ~ Paypal cash is strongly preferred, however I can also take credit/debit cards (Paypal charges me a 5% fee to process a credit/debit card payment so I prefer cash payments). I ONLY use Paypal shipping and I ship immediately upon receipt of cleared payment WITH DELIVERY CONFIRMATION. All prices listed include shipping unless stated otherwise. Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii may be a little more. U.S. Shipping only. Please email with any questions.

SUPER SOLVERS SPELLBOUND Win/Mac PC game, Ages 7-12, never used. Mint. No shrinkwrap. Photo is exact item. By The Learning Company. All inserts included. $5.00ppd

The animated Spelling Bee that builds spelling skills and word power. Educational Benefits unlike any other spelling program:
· Builds fundamental spelling skills, Enhances Vocabulary and language development.
· Allows you to create customized weekly spelling lists.
· Developed by education experts.
· Five levels of spelling-bee action!
· Colorful, animated graphics!

PIZZA THE SIZE OF THE SUN, Poems by Jack Prelustsky, drawings by James Stevenson. Softcover, 159 Pages. In Excellent condition. $7.00ppd

< img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v628/LynDel/ScienceExperiments.jpg">


· SCIENCE IN A BAG, by Sandra Markle, 16 Fun and Easy Experiments, 64 pages, softcover. Can you remove a shell from an egg without touching it? Can you make an egg shrink? Can you make a ball of flour rise? Can you reveal a secret message with red cabbage juice? YES! You can do all of this, and more! You’ll be using large and small self-sealing plastic bags that will let you get your hands on each experiment and see up close what’s happening. Gently used, in good condition.

· BACKYARD SCIENTIST MAGICAL SLIME with many exciting experiments inside to entertain and stimulate young minds (non-toxic/environmentally safe). This came inside a Backyard Scientist Kit that we used, and is not included, but it has the fabulous recipes for the magic slime. We’ve made this recipe many many times and my kids have loved it! It has been used, it does have some green slime stains on it, and some writing on the inside where I doubled the recipe to make a larger batch of slime.

· Ancient Rome ~ A comprehensive Resource for the Active Study of Ancient Rome, by Greg Moore, Grades 4-7. From the High Interest Social Studies Series. 112 pages, softcover, new never used.

· Ancient Greece ~ A comprehensive resource for the active study of Ancient Greece, by Greg Moore, Grades 4-7. From the High Interest Social Studies Series. 112 pages, softcover, new, never used.

· Ancient Egypt ~ A comprehensive resource for the active study of Ancient Greece, by Suzanne Brown, Grades 4-7. From the High Interest Social Studies Series. 120 pages, softcover, new, never used.

Book Description for the 3 books above: Teachers and Students will benefit from this comprehensive resource about the fascinating culture of Ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt. These books combine teachers notes, historical information, high quality reproducible activities and detailed drawings to bring these subjects to life. Topics covered include geography, agriculture, domestic life, culture and society, religion and much more. Many hands-on activities are included, such as making a Roman shield, a was writing tablet and a model of a papyrus skiff with simple materials. The content and reading level in these books is appropriate for students in grades 4-7.

· Ancient Egypt ~ Make it Work! The hands-on approach to history. Softcover, 64 pages, full color illustrations and instructions. New, never used. Book description: Who were the ancient Egyptians and why did they settle in the middle of a dead, dry desert? How did they manage to keep cool in the blazing heat? What did they eat and drink, where did they travel and how did they build so many massive monuments using only simple tools? And why was Egypt the wealthiest country in the ancient world? Explore a fascinating civilization that lasted for over 3,000 years. Recreate the lives of these Egyptians through exciting model-making projects and clear, detailed text that will fascinate you!


Lot of 3 MEDIEVAL TIMES UNIT STUDY ~ 2 NWT Activing Books and 1 CDRom ~ $12.00ppd:
· Medieval Times Activity Book, by Hands on Heritage, Arts, Crafts, cooking and historical aids. Softcover, new, never used. 48 pages. Retail: $6.95. Loads of fun-filled activities for all ages. Great for home schoolers and youth group leaders. Complete material lists. Easy to follow directions. Affordable projects from recycled materials.

· How Would You Survive the Middle Ages? Lords and Ladies, peasants and priests – how did they spend their days? What made them laugh and what did they fear? How did they build magnificent cathedrals and face famine, war and plague? Why did they go on pilgrimages or fight in the crusades? Find out in this book just how you would survive in the Middle Ages. Softcover, new, never used. 48 pages, Retail $7.95

· Ancient & Medieval History CD ~ A photographic tour of Ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, Medieval Times and More. It is for WIN/MAC, new never used.

Lot of 5 ART BOOKS ~ $25.00ppd:
· Art Project with Paper ~ Easy Holidy and Seasonal ~ More than 20 fun, step by step projects that turn paper into dazzling decorations, treasures and gifts. Softcover, 80 pages, Retail $10.95. New, never used.

· Snow Friends ~ by Deb Strain, Dozens of gift-giving and decorating projects to make for the holidays and throughout the winter. Softcover, 96 pages, Retail $19.95, new, never used. Full color photos and step by step instructions to make winter-friendly fabric and stitchery projects. Quickly cut, layer, allpique, embellish, and quilt gifts and holiday decorations that welcome friends and family. Chase away the winter chills with these endearing from-the-heart creations.

· Paper Flowers ~ 5 beautiful projects! Over 20 pages of materials and patterns! By Michael G. LaFosse. Softcover, 72 pages, new, never used. Paper Flowers contains an enchanting collection of papercraft projects. Perfect for adorning gifts or party decorations, these flowers are fun to make. Just follow the step by step instructions shown in each chapter, or use the techniques to create designs of your own. Designed to delight beginning and experienced paper artists alike, this book contains all you need to create an entire bouquet of paper flowers. Features instructions, paper elements, and templates for creating a rose, an iris, a lotus, a cactus and posies.

· Super Simple Paper Airplanes ~ Step by step instructions to make planes that really fly…from a tri-plane to a jet fighter, by Nick Robinson. Softcover, 128 pages, new, never used. Retail: 8.95. Set your imagination flying ~ with 40 different types of paper airplanes that range from super simple to sophisticated. There’s no need for glue, scissors or tape; just follow the directions on choosing and folding the paper, and use the principles of flight to get great results. Includes stunning color photographs of the finished planes, plus diagrams and hints on really making them soar.

· 365 Things to Make and Do ~ Hundreds of ideas for hand-crafted models, toys, useful gifts, and games. Hardcover, 256 pages, w/dust jacket. New, never used. Rainy days will never be dull and boring again! There are so many creative and fun things for children to make and do all here in this book! By recycling items and objects from around the home and following simple step by step instructions a huge variety of projects can easily be made. The areas covered are: In the kitchen, Nature, Cards and wrappings, Indoor crafts, Toys and Games, At the Seaside, Models and Boxes, Special Occasions.

REAL ART The Paint-by-Number Book & Kit. By Douglas Brenner. Paintings by Nancy Stahl. This is new, never used. Selling for $25.00ppd. Includes:
· 10 Original paint-by-number paintings
· 18 pots of acrylic paint
· 2 brushes
· 64 pages full-color book
· Drawn from the annals of Amerca’s fondly remembered pastive, Real Art! Is the all-in-one paint-by-number book and kit with everything you need to create a full gallery of your very own paintings, suitable for framing and hanging in any room of the house. A complete studio, the kit contains 10 fully prepared, ready to paint canvases. 18 large pots of the finest acrylic paints. 2 artist’s brushes, one fine width, one medium width. Also contains the 64 page full color book that’s like a master art course filled with lively, informative painting tips and techniques, plus a brief history of the paint-by-number movement that promised to make every man and woman a Rembrandt. A breathtaking portrait of the American Southwest. A Parisian park scene, poodle included. The serene Japanese geisha. A high-key study of tropical parrots. A gallant frigate plying the high seas. Still life with pears. Plus two masterworks: The Mona Lisa and van Gogh’s Sunflowers. Just imagine it: Your very own signature on each and every one of them!

ELECTRONIC MUSICIAN ~ Lot of 14 ~ $15.00ppd:
· 2005: June
· 2006: July, August, Octover, November, December
· 2007: January through August 22, 2007

KEYBOARD ~ Lot of 12 ~ $15.00ppd:
· 2006: January, July, August, September, November, December
· 2007: February, March, May, June, July, August

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC KIDS ~ Lot of 13 ~ $15.00ppd:
· 2006: May, August, September, October, November
· 2007: December 2006/January2007, February through September

KIDS DISCOVER ~ lot of 13 ~ $15.00ppd:
· Solar System – Special 3 topic issue
· Pompeii, Sept. 2006
· Planets, Oct. 2006
· Birds, Nov. 2006
· Ancient Persia, Dec. 2006
· Jackie Robinson, Jan. 2007
· Extreme Weather, Feb. 2007
· Muscles, March 2007
· Pioneers, April 2007
· Water, May 2007
· Leonardo da Vinci, June 2007
· Glaciers, July 2007
· Boats, Aug. 2007

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