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Posted at 11:13 pm on Jan 28, 2010

All books are previously owned in very good to excellent condition and are soft covers unless otherwise stated. Contact me via email if you need more information about any of the books.

My shipping rates:

1-6 books =$3.00 (if you order 1 book shipping is $3.00 or if you order 6 books it is also $3.00 to ship all 6 books)

7-13 books = $3.50

14-20 books= $4.00

20-30 books = $4.50

Anything over 31 books = flat rate of $5.00


American History ~ grades 4-8
A. American History Mysteries Cross Curricular extension activities by Scholastic Professional Books $3.00
B. Historic Communities, Games From Long Ago $2.50
C. The Last Safe House A Story of the Underground Railroad $3.00
D. The Civil War A Scholastic Curriculum Guide Professionsl Book (unused) $3.00
E. The Civil War Unit Study by Pat Wesolowski A unit study complete with a timeline, charts, puzzles, graphs, newspaper assignments, fun facts, and more! 150 pg (unused) $5
F. Brown Paper School USKids History Book of the American Civil War (unused) Discover your history through stories, games and activities. $4.00
G. A Coat of Blue and A Coat of Gray A Historical Novells $2.50 (like new)
H. You, Sacramento! (And all those other State Capitals you don't remember) Memorrize them all in 20 minutes. $2.00
I. U.S. Social Studies Yellow Pages For Students and Teachers ( a couple loose pages) $2.00
J. Inventors and Inventions Hard Cover oversized $3.00
K. For Home and Country A Civil War Scrap Book Hard Cover never used $5.00
L. Classic American Folk Tales retold by Steven Zorn Over sized hard cover $2.50
U.S. Government ~ grade 4-8
A. The Story of the White House by Kate Waters $2.00
B. Our Congress - I Know America by Michael Weber $2.00
C. FANDEX Family Field Guide Flip Book PRESIDENTS (in plastic case) $4.00
D. Yo, Millard Fillmore! (And all those other President's you don't know) Memorrize them all in 20 minutes. $2.00
History Makers Bios ~ grades 3-6 ~ $5.00 for all 3 books (List price $5.95 each.)
A. Paul Revere
B. George Washington
C. Benjamin Franklin
47 pages each of facts about President and Patriots of Our Country (like new) GREAT INDEPENDENT READERS. FUN FACTS, ILLUSTRATED.
Romans~ grades 3-6
A. The Rotten Romans Horrible Histories $1.50
B. Usborne Time Traveler Book of Rome and Romans $2.50

A. D' Aulaires' Greek Myths Pb oversized book ~ $6.00
Egyptian Life ~ grades 3-6
A. The Best Book of Mummies (hard cover like new) by Kingfisher $4.00
B. Usborne Time Traveler Pharaohs & Pyramids $2.50
C. Pyramids 50 Hands on Activities To Experience Ancient Egypt (A Kaleidoscope Kids Book) $2.50
D. FAST FORWARD Pyramid with Special Split pages $2.50
E. Mummies All Aboard Reading (bend in cover) $1.00
F. Ms. Fizzles's Adventures Ancient Egypt oversized Hard Cover w/ slip jacket (Magic Schol Bus) $5.00
Explorers ~ grades 3-6
A. Usborne Book of Explorers from Columbus to Armstrong $2.50
B. Conquerors & Explorers (cover shows average wear) $2.00
Pirates ~ grades 3-6
A. Pirates ~ Ladybird Explorers Plus (special see-through acetate pages, wheels, flaps, tabs and more. Hard Cover, really cool, book!) $3.00
B. Usborne1001 Pirate Things to Spot $2.50
C. FACTS FICTION Pirates ~The Truth about Buccaneers, Brigands, Corsairs.....more $3.00
History of the World by Dorling Kindersley Multimedia
For Macintosh System 7 or later ~ $4.00 (never used)
Guides to History Plus by Kathryn Stout ~ $6.00 (name on cover)

PAYMENT & SHIPPING: Will ship from Minnesota. Shipping is not included in the prices. I accept all types of PAYPAL (including credit cards.) Will ship Media Mail with delivery confirmation within 3 business days of receipt of payment to a US or APO address.

Please email me directly if you have questions or would like to make a purchase.

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