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IdaMay pre-k - 6th grade
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Posted at 5:33 pm on Aug 10, 2010

parting with school items -- media mail with delivery confirmation

Wordly Wise 3000 [first 3000 edition] Book A isbn 0838824250 -- second grade [??] $5 ppd

Modern Curriculum Press Phonics
MCP Plaid Phonics 1995 Level D Grade 4 Word Study Student Edition [three copies], Teacher's edition -- three copies of the student edition -- use with three of yours or sue the ones you need and sell as a set when you are finished $18ppd -- this is about the cost of one workbook, let alone three, plus the teacher's book! $18ppd

Four Evan-More and one Learning Horizonz Science Series workbooks. Titles include: Mammals, Reptiles and Amphibians, Birds, The World of Plants, and How Your Body Works. Full color, lots of information, various activities all unused. $6ppd

Bible Puzzles .. 6 different subjects, several copies, padded for easy use, Acrostics, mazes, word puzzles, and follow the dots. $3 ppd

A Child's History of Texas -- infor and pictures to color -- two pages colored in the front - 78 pages in all. color cover, black and white pages. [two copies, one no writing, but marking on cover] $3ppd -- $5 for both

New Dimensions Mathematics -- counting, adding and subtraction workbook. first 25 pages have pencil markings, out of 224 pages. $3.50

Rod & Staff Reading Workbook, grade 2, unit 5 unused, like new. $4ppd

R&S grade 1, unit 5 Worksheets new, unused $2.50

R&S coloring book "We Live On A Farm" very nice book, new, unused. $4ppd

R&S Reading Workbook grade 3 Unit 4 and Unit 5 books [one for each unit] new, and unused $6

R&S History/Geography 4 student book, "Homelands Around the World" like new condition $12ppd

R&S History/Geography 7th grade student and teacher editions, test booklet for "Understanding The Old World" like new condition, no writing $28ppd

Shared reader PSALMS by Ellen Dana some highlightly, and marks in the first few pages. $4ppd

Reproducible Unit about Whales -- Evan-Moor some shelf damage all pages usable and unmarked. $3ppd

Carson-Dellosa Social - Studies Actvity book Elections - local - state- Federal- Electoral College and more... reproducible. 78 pages $5ppd

book: The Sad Night The Story of an Aztec Victory and a Spanish Loss -- colorful, 38 pages, large paper back book $3ppd

ABeka Art Projects 3 == unused $12 ppd

ABeka Art B a few are missing, I did not go through each page, project $5 [mostly shipping costs]

ABeka Art Projects 1 some missing projects, did not go through this, more missing than Art B. $3 ppd - all shipping and DC -- ask about combined shipping for more than three items.

Critical thinking Building Thinking Skills teacher and student editions [grades 2-3] new condition $30 ppd
-not sure what original prices would be, is this reasonable?

Macmillan Spelling not sure what grade, starts with short vowel words: cast, land, backpack with challenge words like:fantastic and drastic.The last unit has words like coleslaw, potato, seasoning and pistachio, with challenge words such as omelet, ingredient, and appetizer. New unused, some shelf wear. for shipping -- free shipping with three other items.

The Story of Western Civilization Book 1: How Civilization Began -- Book 2; Greece and Rome Build Great Civilizations -- Book 3: The Middle Ages -- Book 4: The Renaissance. All unused, no writing, like new, some shelf wear. $23ppd

Saxon Phonics 2 Student workbooks [one and two] student materials, originally around $25 -- $20ppd

HomeWorkBooks Codes and Crosswords, grade 3 5 pages used, written on, rest is unused $2.50 ppd [mostly shipping cost]

Duplicating Masters, Sea Mammals Multiple Comprehension Skills, grade 4-5. Frank Schaffer Pub. purple dup masters, front is printed and could be scanned. for shipping, free with three other paid items.

Bob Jones Math 5 -- school blackline masters for Activity books: Stretch Your Mind, Spread Your Wings and answer keys. whole punched and on a ring binder. not sure what to ask. make offer

mre when I have the time -- look for other posts here and on other boards

bmail or email me at yearn_2_learn at fatsmail.net

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