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(unknown user) Please look! Need to sell!
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Posted at 9:14 pm on Oct 4, 2010

Shipping included on orders of at least $25. Otherwise, buyer’s choice of shipping to be added. I need to sell these things to raise money for an unexpected expense. Please email if you have any questions.

Learning Lang. Arts thru Literature 2nd grade RED book, older version TE and student book, like new. $15

Classical Conversations:

Argumentation & Debate VHS that goes with book $5

Sophie's World $7

Singapore Math:
Primary Mathematics 1A Textbook -- NEW -- $7
Primary Mathematics 1B Textbook -- NEW -- $7
Primary Mathematics 1A workbook -- LIKE NEW -- $5 (one page has writing on it it and the workbook had the binding cut off to make it easier to file. But about 10 pages in the beginning have an extra cut along the side (doesn’t affect the work material)
Primary Mathematics 1B workbook ---NEW -- $6
Serl’s Intermediate Language Lessons, or ILL, hardcover. $15

First Language Lessons for the Well trained Mind, Level 3 TM and student pages (put in a binder). like new. $28for both

Abeka 3 Language workbook, first 20 pages missing, rest unused but taken out of book for easier filing. Also includes TE and Test key. $15

A History of the United States and Its People by Edward Eggleston $10

A Child's History of the Life of George Washington vg hc $8

A Child's History of of our Naval Heroes/ MANTLE MINIST vg hc $8

Write Away writing handbook Sonlight Tapestry of Grace vg pb $10

Pronunciation CD’s for Latin’s Not so Tough 1-3 (missing one lesson track, but it is on the next CD: 4-5 (new) $15 for both

Sonlight Core 5 books:
I have these books that go with Core 5:

Commodore perry (large hc) $7
Genghis Kahn (hc) $5
A Glorious Age in Africa new pb $5
Beat the Story Drum, Pum Pum $5
Tales of a Korean Grandmother $5
Seven Daughters and Seven Sons $4

Making Math Meaningful Level 3 new TM and student book, $20

Math U See Epsilon teacher Manual, spiral edition, vg. $8



That I may Know Him TE, vg spiral $8

6th grade Science Activity manual answer key 3rd ed, vg spiral. $12
“””Student activity manual, 12 pages written on $7
6th grade Spelling TE, vg new ed. $7

Handwriting 5 TE $5
Spelling 5 TE $7 vg new ed

4th gr Spelling TE, new ed, vg. $7

3rd grade Spelling TE, vg new ed. $7

Pulling Together Booklink manual and book $8 vg
Handwriting TE, new ed, vg, $7
Handwriting workbook, 22 pages used, $5

Christian Light Education:
CLE 8th grade Lang Arts TM and books 806-810. Sunrise edition. Only book 806 had writing on the first two lessons. $20

KIDS Magazines (Highlights, etc, some Ranger Rick)Partially used spiral notebooks (pages that had writing were taken out already)
Misc. Pre-K curricula, manipulatives, etc.

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