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bygrace list of Curriculum books for sale mixed grades..

Blithe Bonny Boatswain
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Posted at 11:31 am on Mar 24, 2011

Home School Resources for sale. Price plus you pay the shipping costs. OBO

1. Hands-on-History Activity-Packs of Composers isbn 9780981552378 from the website
www.homeschoolinthewoods.com It is a disk that offers you ideas and formats but you have to print it on your own paper resource. Never used. I didn’t have the time to create this. It would make a great supplement to an elementary Music program. $5.00

2. Mind Benders B2 Deductive Thinking Skills by Anita Harnadek , isbn 0894550209 7-12th $3.00

3. Mind Benders B3 Deductive Thinking skills by anita Hardadek, isbn0894551256 h/S Level $3.00

4. Ancient Greece Timeline chart. Laminated two sided by GreenLeaf Press $ 1.00

5. Wordly Wise 3000 Book 3 set. Teachers Key, Student book, Test Book. This was too easy for my son at 7th grade level and so he filled in up to lesson 4 on the tests. You can Xerox and white out answers in the consumable book. Student book has lessons 1-4 out of 20 lessons filled in. $ 8.00

6. Decoding Strategies B2,by SRA McGraw-Hill Student Reading book. Great for relearning sounds and words. We used the B1 set for our delayed learner who was in 5th grade and at K level of reading. He progressed through up to this book level and is now at a high 3rd grade level. There is a comprehension work book too if I can find that I will toss it in. $ 3.00

7. Vocabulary From Classical Roots A set. Student book , Test Book and Teachers Guide. When investigating one year I determined this is at about a 7th grade level. $ 10.00

8. Vocabulary From Classical Roots 6 set. Student book, Test Book and Teachers Guide. 6-8th grade. $ 10.00

9. Write Thinking, Daily Digest level 7. This is by Gail Storkel. A book with Daily Literary Writing. There are headers, topics and Questions to go along with the books you are reading as a family/student; with a 4-5 inch paragraphed lines for you to answer. Questions to help you expand your thinking as you write. Only 5 pages are written in on this thick 1 .5 inch book. All the headers have different concepts to ponder. $ 7.00

10. Favorite Poems Old and New, selections by Helen Ferris, Hardback 598pgs. 1957 book in great condition still has dust cover but it is a bit tattered in edges. $ 8.00

11. Research in Increments, by Susan Kemmerer a Step by Step Guide to Writing Excellent Research Papers. Spiral bound 54 pages. $ 3.00

12. Abeka Nation Notebook, copy right 1992 Like New, never used or looked at by my son. $3.00

13. Algebra 2 An Incremental Development 2nd ed by Saxon SET. Hard back student book 576 pages and answers in back, Home school Packet Teacher answers, 2 Test books if you have more than one child to use this. $25.00

14. Abeka Observing God’s World 6, Science Set, Student book, (tear on the top outer binding about 1 inch), Quiz Key, and Test Key. $ 10.00

15. Abeka Choosing Good Health 2nd ed Set. 2001 copy right, 6th grade but I would use it with 5th Student book and Test/Quiz/Worsheet Key book. $ 5.00

16. International Children’s Bible Handbook, by Lawrence Richards isbn 0849914817 $5.00

17. Descriptionary 3rd ed, A Thematic dictionary, isbn 0816059268. $10.00

18. Amazing Book of Question and Answers by John Guest, 2003ed, hardback, $8.00

19. Who’s Who in the Bible, Illustrated Biographical Dictionary, 1995 ed, Hardback, $8.00

20. Usborne Book of World History, 1985, hardback, binding is getting old. $3.00

21. Bob Jones Science 5 Set, 1995 Student Hardback book, Teacher Book, paperback, Tests (writing on the first few. ) I ended up retyping it up with additional questions or leaving some things off for my son. And Answer key. Additional teaching packet with some pages missing. $ 7.00

22. Science Encyclopedia, The Kingfisher, 1991 hardback, 767pages. $5.00

23. Abeka Science Order and Reality grade 7, 1993 ed, binding has tears. Lots of life in it still $3.00

24. Addison-Wesley Mathematics grade 4, 1995 ed Hardback student book $3.00

25. Making Math Meaningful Level 4 Teacher Book, 1997 $1.00

26. POC4U, booklet to help find your child’s unique learning preferences by Jill Dixon. $ 2.00

27. Mathematics, Houghton Mifflin 6th grade level, SET…LOTS..Some of the first few pages worked on. Student hardback book 620 pgs, Mathematical Background for Teacher booklet, Spiral Review consumable 72 pgs, Reteach Masters consumable 200pgs, Practice Masters consumable 156pgs, Challenge Masters consumable 156pgs, Problem Solving for Success Teachers Guide. $ 20.00

28. Handwriting Without Tears, Can Do Cursive book with an extra stack of lined HWO Tears paper. $ 5.00

29. A Basic course in American Sign Language by Tom Humphries, 1980 spiral soft bound. $5.00

30. I Belong A Course of Study on the Heidelberg Catechism by James Visscher, Vol 1 and Vol 2, spiral soft bound. A great Bible course for Christian foundations. $ 20.00

If we are too busy to listen to our children, how then can they understand a God who hears?

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