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IdaMay pre k thru 6th
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Posted at 8:39 pm on May 2, 2011

I have the following for sale. I can accept paypal or US Post Office money orders [for the purchase price]

bmail me or email yearn_2_learn at fastmail.net

shipping costs will be calculated, deals on multiple items

ABeka Arithmetic drill set
set A
grades 1-2
ABeka price $27.25
box shows wear, cards are in very, very good condition
covers cardinal numbers, shapes, process terminology, money, ordinal numbers, calendar measures, linear measures, clock measures, weight measures, capacity measures, fractions, roman numerals, temperatures and place value
$7 plus shipping

BJU Bible Truths 5th grade
Living in God's Love
student book unused
second student book - first 11 pages have some writing on them
teacher edition
$35 plus shipping for the set

BJU Math 5
school teacher's masters for Stretch Your Mind and Spread Your Wings
blackline copy masters and answer key
$15 plus shipping - in a three ring binder, ready to go

BJU Bible Truths 6th
Redemption - God's Grand Design
student worktext, new, unused
teacher's edition very good condition
sold as a set $25 plus shipping

more on the other sale boards :)

more coming

looking for these items

Notgrass World History quiz and test book, perhaps a second 'set' as this year we'll have one doing this and the next we will have two doing it at the same time.

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