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IdaMay pre-6th grade items for sale
Capt. Lookatmy Broadside
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Posted at 7:08 pm on Feb 3, 2012

BJU Bible Truths workbooks, older blue ones, some have writing in the few lessons, some do not. I have four level A and one level B.

BJU Precalculus like new condition, 2002, ISBN 1-57924-614-1

United History for Christian Schools, second edition. 1993, ISBN 0-89084-579-4. Name inside front cover, otherwise very clean hardback book. not perfect, nor next to new, few or no marks within the text pages, outside pages edges [ie when the book is closed] are not white, white any more. Used, but nice condition student text book. Have more than one available. Teacher's edition book two [might have book one, also. I will look.]

English 11 teachers' binders, two student workbooks, one has answers in the first couple of chapters or so, the other does not. older editions 1986, ISBN 0-89084-325-2 for the student workbook.

United States History, 1982, ISBN 0-89084-176-4. partial map exercises pages that match this, also.

ABeka Book

The United kingdom, Kings of israel A teacher key tests, quizzes, and semester review

World History and Cultures in Christian Perspective Teacher Guide; Test/Map Project Key; second edition, 1997, some pieces printed in 2000 and 2004; student Tests/Maps project book [all pages through 71 and page 89 present]; student Quizzes book [looks to all be there, last page is page 83]. Teacher books are in excellent condition. Student books have pages that are clean and unused if present.

United States History in Christian Perspective Heritage of Freedom 1982, first edition, used , has highlighting within the text, though it is all still readable, writing on forward pages and end pages, but does not hinder printed text. for shipping only

United States History Heritage of Freedom, second edition, 1996, printed in 2005. TEST Key and Quiz Key teacher books. very good condition.

Workbook for Handbook of Grammar & Composition V teacher key $7ppd like new

American Government second edition, 1997, printed 2002. student text [very good condition], teacher guide [1997 printed 2005] in next to new condition, spiral book; test/quizz teacher key is in good condition. sold as a set. current as on ABeka's website - ABeka's price is $58 plus shipping; asking $35 shipping included for the continuous US.

Economics Work and Prosperity student text and teacher guide like new, ABeka's price $55 plus shipping. asking $35ppd to continuous US

extra student text for Economics as above, like new ABeka price $23. asking $18ppd

Algebra 2 Test/Quiz key with solutions, second edition, 2004

Advanced Math video student Practice Exercises booklet, unused. copyright 1999, printed 2005.

English Literature Test/Quiz Key Classics for Christians Volumes 5,6 new condition

Saxon Math

Math 54 test form booklet

Math 65 second edition text, homeschool packet set

Algebra 1/2 second edition book and Homeschool packet with test and problem set answers. ask, I may have an extra test form booklet, maybe. text is in very nice condition, might have stray markings but nothing within the text, page edges show wear, but cover is very nice.

Algebra 2 second edition textbook, next to new condition.

Advanced Math teacher's edition, the pages are exactly like the student text book, except this has all the answers in the back of the book, instead of just the odd numbered problems. Could be used by a student, easily. Home study packet with tests forms, testing schedule and test answers. Plus a separate test forms booklet.

Critical Thinking Press

Building Thinking Skills Book 3 figural, 7-12+ ISBN 0-89455-291-0

Mathematical Reasoning through verbal analysis, book 1, 0-89455-347-x first 50 pages have some done in pencil, [50 out of 282]

Same as above, only three hole punched in ring binder [with or without binder] and NO WRITING whatsoever.

Teacher's Manual for the above ISBN 0-89455-359-3 good condtion, with no writing whatsoever.

Daily lesson plans for Exploring Creation with... from Schola Press

Zoology 2: Swimming Creatures -- new condition, except address label removed from front cover

Zoology 3: Land Animals -- new condition except address label removed from front cover

General Science some shelf wear, with last name on top right hand corned of cover

Rod & Staff

A Time to Plant, hardback fifth grade reader

Creation to Canaan workbook 1981, unused with no writing whatsoever

other items

Multi-Media Collections Industrial Revolution Teacher Created Material, Inc ISBN 0-7439-3044-4 book and CD in new condition

Winston Grammar basic and advanced set in clam shell.

Easy Grammar 3 and 4, yellow, some shelf wear, no writing, teacher pages, and reproducible student pages

Easy Grammar 4 and 5, grey, some shelf wear, no writing, teacher pages and reproducible student pages.

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