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Posted at 8:50 pm on Apr 12, 2006


Two great series by author Mary Pope Osborne.
MAGIC TREE HOUSE BOOKS ~ Paper backs in Very good condition ~ $2.00 each
#1 Dinosaurs Before Dark
#2 The Knight at Dawn
#3 Mummies in the Morning
#4 Pirates Past Noon
#5 Night of the Ninjas
#6 Afternoon on the Amazon
#7 Sunset of the Sabertooth
#8 Midnight on the Moon
#9 Dolphins at Daybreak
#11 Lions at Lunchtime
#12 Polar Bears Past Bedtime
#13 Vacation Under the Volcano
TALES FROM THE ODYSSEY ~ Hard Covers in Excellent Condition ~ $4.50 each
Mary Pope Osborne’s newest series of books for kids

Tales from the Odyssey: The One-Eyed Giant - Book #1
Retells a part of the Odyssey in which King Odysseus fights the cyclops., This entry in the Tales of the Odyssey series tells of Odysseus's encounter with the horrible One-Eyed Giant, Polyphemus. Named one of the Best Children's Books 2002 by Publishers Weekly. When Odysseus must leave his home to fight in the Trojan War, he never imagines that he'll be away from his family for so many years. Now, at long last, he is leading his men home across the seas. But many dangers await them-and none is more terrifying than Polyphemus, the one-eyed giant.

Tales from the Odyssey: The Land of the Dead - Book #2
A retelling of part of the Odyssey in which Odysseus and his fleet continue their journey and encounter giant cannibals, a beautiful witch, and the Land of the Dead. Odysseus and his men have defeated the one-eyed giant, but its curse follows them at every turn. Cast out to the open seas by the wind god, Odysseus and his fleet continue the difficult journey home. But they cannot return to Ithaca yet. First they must take on giant cannibals and outwit a beautiful witch, who reveals Odysseus' next challenge-a journey to the mysterious and feared land of the dead.

PAYMENT & SHIPPING: Shipping is extra. I accept all types of PAYPAL (including credit cards.) Will ship Media Mail with delivery confirmation within 3 business days of receipt of payment to a US or APO address.

Please email me directly at countrynook@charter.net if you have questions or would like to make a purchase.

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