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Cindy LA BF, Progeny Press, LIA, Diana Waring tapes, Jonathan Park, It Just Couldn't Happen, Strunk and White, Peace Child, Saxon Phys

Blithe Bonny Boatswain
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Posted at 11:35 am on Sep 10, 2010

Beautiful Feet
U.S. and World History - Senior High VG cond. small amount of scribble :o) 10ppd

Medieval Reformation and Renaissance - middle school ages VG cond. no writing 8ppd

Progeny Press - The Scarlett Letter 12ppd

Door in the Wall 12ppd

Life in America- Life in a Victorian Age 1898-1940 Unit Study K-12 22.00ppd

Diana Waring What in the World Is Going On Here audio
Vol 1. cassette tapes 6.00ppd
Vol 2. cassette tapes 6.00ppd
Vol 3. CD 12.00ppd

Peace Child - good cond. water spots 5.00ppd

Jonathan Parks Audio Adventure Vol. 1-5 w/ study guides $55.00ppd

Saxon Physics student book only 3.00ppd

It Just Couldn't Happen $6.00ppd

Paypal preferred or money order
Please email me at cindymc6961@yahoo.com

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