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PamFL God and Government 3-book Series by Gary DeMar

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Posted at 6:59 pm on May 22, 2011

$20 ppd for 3-book God and Government Series. Books in new condition and have never been used. Paypal preferred. Please email me at bookwrm54@yahoo.com

In this three book series, Gary DeMar introduces you to America's true history, discussing the influence of Christianity upon the founding and development of America. He presents a practical approach to developing a Biblical perspective of the elements of society, challenging us to re-implement the values and priorities that made America great.

For years, the God & Government series has been utilized as a curriculum supplement for Christian and Home schools. Its factual documentation makes it ideal for all Christians seeking to discover the truth of America's heritage. Each volume in this series is self-teaching with questions, answers, and Bible references.

This first volume in the God & Government series begins with the basics:
• Self-Government and Family Government
• Ecclesiastical Government
• The Origin and Development of Civil Government
• The Purpose and Function of Civil Government
• Jesus and Civil Government
• A Christian History of the United States
• The Relationship of Church and state in the Bible
• The Relationship of Church and state in the First Amendment
• What is Government?
Issues in Biblical Perspective (Book 2), Gary DeMar addresses issues such as:
• Developing a Biblical Worldview
• Worldviews in Conflicts
• Sovereignty and Dominion
• Sovereignty and Ownership
• Financing the Work of God’s Kingdom
• Financing the Responsibilities of the State
• Biblical Economics
• The Enemies of Biblical Economics
• The Causes and Conquest of Poverty
The Restoration of the Republic (Book 3), Gary DeMar talks solutions.
• How do we restore the republic?
• The Biblical View of Authority
• The Enemies of Biblical Authority
• God's Sovereignty Over the Nations
• The Foundation of Law
• The Administration of Justice
• Sovereignty and Education
• The Future of Government
• Further Bibliography

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