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IdaMay lots for sale, more may be coming to this list--- from the post "what should i do with these things?"
Capt. Lookatmy Broadside
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Posted at 12:16 pm on Mar 17, 2012

I need things 'out of the way' getting funds for them would be good at this time, but is it worth the time and effort to post and pack and ship?

Exploring Creation with Zoology 2 Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day-- Schola Press Daily lesson plans booklet.

Exploring Creation with Zoology 3 Land Animals of the Six Day Schola Press lesson plans booklet.

Exploring Creation with General Science Schola Press daily lesson plan booklet.

Multi Media collections Industrial Revolution Teach Created Materials book and CD, new condition.

Mathematical Reasoning through verbal analysis book 1 -- have the TE and 2 student workbooks. [one workbook is unused and clean, though it is out of its original binding, hole punched and in a ring binder. The other student book has penciled answers in the first 50 pages, out of 282 pages. This second one is in its original binding.]

ABeka United Kingdom Kings of Israel A teacher key, tests, quizzes, semester review book.

Saxon 54 Test forms booklet, 2nd edition

Saxon 65, 2nd edition, textbook and home study packet

BJU Precalculus student book

Bible Truths for Christian Schools Learning from the life of Christ, old blue second edition. four copies, one in next to new condition, others have some writing in the first pages.

Easy Grammar Grades 3 and 4 teacher's edition with student pages [yellow]

Easy Grammar grades 4 and 5 teacher's edition with student pages [grey]

Abeka United States History Heritage of Freedom 1985 printing, nice but used condition [ I have the quiz key and test key for this, though they say second edition 1996 -- ABeka used to say those matched the book listed, I believe]

Rod and Staff Creation to Canaan work book

Rod and Staff A Time to Plant, fifth grade reader, very nice hardback reader

Abeka Workbook V for the Handbook of Grammar & Composition teacher key

Abeka Economics work and Prosperity set, includes student text, and teacher guide. I have a second student text. [maybe I should use this instead of wanting Notgrass, though the self directed Notgrass is easier for me and DC like Notgrass better than ABeka]

ABeka American Government set, includes student textbook, teacher's guide, and test/quiz key. [should I use or get Notgrass, like Economics.

English Literature test/quiz key for Classics for Christians volumes 5, 6.

BJU The American Republic, 8th grade set
includes student textbook in very good condition; student activities book new and unused; tests; Home Stat chapter outline masters for making student copies; fresh clean copy of these student outlines; teacher's editions.

ABeka Order and Reality 7th grade Science set
includes student text nearly new condition; Teachers edition in good used condition, spiral bound; Quiz book teacher key in very good condition; test/study book key in very good condition; Answers to text questions; test/study student book, missing chapter one pages; student quiz book, no writing and the video manual which helps with class scheduling.

ABeka Chemistry second edition [current??] teacher guide, quiz key and lab manual

ABeka Physics student textbook; Laboratory Manual student copy, no writing, though one page has two things highlighted; Lab Manual teacher edition; teacher quiz key.

ABeka Physical Science quiz key, 1996 like new

ABeka Algebra 1 student text and test/quiz key

what should I do with these?

life is busy and I need to move things

take the bite and give them to...... thrift store to bless someone else? sell or try to?

anyone, here interested?

Ill' copy paste this on the sale boards here... taking offers, if you can use anything.. you pay postage or postage and fair price you can afford, if you can use.

I can only teach you; you must educate yourself.

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