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IdaMay boys pants husky sizes -- for sale, mostly for shipping
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Posted at 3:51 pm on Dec 9, 2009

I have the following pants and shorts. They are husky sizes 12, 14 and 16. Waist and length measurements given where able.

Make offer -- to cover shipping and ?? if you can use them I may ship for ship costs. Bmail me with interest. I'd like to part woth them as a lot box of 7 pairs of pants and three pairs of shorts. [I know it is snowing, but summer will be here, again]

Faded Glory front pleat kaki, 12 husky W30 x L25

Genuine Sonoma Jean Co. Carpo 14 husky, faded denim, with side leg pockets, W30 1/2 x L25

Bugle Boy grey cords with large side leg pockets 14 husky W31 x L28

Faded Glory Navy blue, front pleat, 14 husky. W30 1/2 x L27 worn to SS and church, nice condition.

Dickies brand shorts, navy blue, cell phone pocket style, 14 husky, has the adjustable waist band with hidden buttons and elastic, W30 1/2 x L10 HAVE TWO PAIRS.

Highlands Outfitters size 16/18, green camos,19 inches long, 100% polyester [thin and cool] -- GONE

Colyer brand, front pleat, kaki 16 husky, W31 x L26 1/2

Jeanwear with reg pockets and side leg pockets.16 husky W34 x L28 [medium blue jean]-- GONE

Route 66 grey camo, small velcro and large button side pockets. 16 husky W30 1/2 x L25 has hidden elastic and buttons to fit better]

Faded Glory,, front pleat kaki, 16 husky, W32 1/2 ?? 33x L27

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