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Admin Must I register and how?

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Posted at 10:22 pm on Jul 14, 2005

You do not have to register to post on MOMcafe and a few other forums. However, only registered users may post on the Curriculum Classifieds boards. Some boards are set to be viewed ONLY by guests. Registered users may also use our edit feature and our "bMail" feature which allows the user to privately message other users within the board system (meaning, you don't need to post any other email address because you can send and retrieve messages through your account here!).

Click on the Register button and choose the posting name you wish to use. Enter your email address and wait for an email message from the board which will contain your temporary password.

When you get your password, login and then click on Account to change your password.

If you do not register you will not have access to all features of the boards and the notation [GUEST] will show up beside your name every time you post.

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