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Admin bMail (Huh?)

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Posted at 10:55 pm on Jul 14, 2005

As a registered user of this board, you have the ability to send a private message other registered users WITHOUT using any outside email addresses like Yahoo, etc..

When you would like to message someone, open one of their posts and click on their name. This will bring up their profile information. Whether or not they list their email address publicly, you can send them a private message through bMail! Simply click on "Send Private Message" and fill out the form to send. You can also click on "Send bMail" under "Options" below their name and it will bring up the form to fill out, too. (This is probably quicker.)

When you receive a private message, there will be a number in parenthesis (1) next to "bMail" in the upper right of your screen indicating how many new messages you have. Whenever you click on bMail, you will go to your inbox where you can manage your messages. Registered users have a limit of 20 messages. You may delete on your own or they will simply scroll out of your inbox as new messages come in.

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