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Admin ** Posting Guidelines** Please read before posting on our boards!

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Posted at 1:15 am on Aug 13, 2006

Sunday, August 13th 2006

Welcome back, everyone!

I have a week’s worth of fun activities planned for all of us starting on Monday. But before we get to that, let’s take care of some TM business. :o)

You’ll see that I have created 3 new boards.

There is a Links board for those posts which include ONLY a link (or links) and no further discussion. So if you’d like to post a link to a cool site or article or whatever, please put it there. Not only will it stay on that board longer but it will encourage *discussion* on the chat board.

Please keep in mind that on each board there is a specific number of threads allowed. The number of replies does not matter, but the number of original posts is what the board counts before scrolling posts at the bottom to the next page. So, it’s my hope that we can cut down on non-discussion posts because they “use up” a thread that really will not generate many, if any, replies.

I also have a “Pure Fun & Games” board. This is where I will be putting some of the fun stuff we’ll be doing this week so that it doesn’t scroll off the chat board. This doesn’t mean “no silly posts” on MOMcafe, just that the fun board is FOR silly stuff, games, trivia and other things like that.

The “All Things in Moderation” board is really a hash-it-out board. If you would like the assistance of one of our anonymous, volunteer moderators to help you sort things out with another member or you have a question about board policy or you just need a place to finish a tough conversation, this is where to go. I would rather that personal issues between posters go to email/bmail, BUT there are times when this board may be a better place. This is a trial run so we’ll see how it goes. My hope is that everyone AVOIDS using this board! LOL

And now, the moderators. I am still in the process of finding a few ladies to help out. Basically, there will be two moderator accounts that the volunteers log into. As they keep an eye open for anyone who needs help or for trolls, spam or situations where the guidelines really need to be enforced, they will step in anonymously. Most of the time, a gentle reminder will be all that’s needed. Sometimes, the moderators will close a thread and wait for my further instruction. Sometimes they (or me, in any of these scenarios) will post directions or refer people to the guidelines. Things like that.

I have rewritten the guidelines and think they cover a great deal of the situations that cause confusion or disharmony. Of course, I can’t cover everything and I trust that the my volunteers will do their best to be impartial, fair and extend grace because I still intend that everyone get along and work things out *without* intervention whenever possible. Please give us grace, too!

Here are the guidelines. PLEASE, please read them over before you start posting again.
Thanks! ~Leigh Ann

Link: http://www.teachingmom.com/boards/guidelines.html

Great minds DON'T think alike!!

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