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AEinMd Doomed as in not saved? I don't think it's necessarily talking about salvation...
Capt. Lookatmy Broadside
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Posted at 1:46 am on Oct 5, 2009

at all. I think it is talking about why He chose one person to be the Pharoah (or leader) and everyone else is common. Or why one person suffers through an illness and another is miraculously cured. It says He will choose whomever He wants to shower with mercy and to raise up; it is up to Him, not them.

But, even if it were talking about salvation, it doesn't say that a person is doomed no matter what he/she does. At worst, it implies that one person may be judged for what he/she does while another may be forgiven-- all according to His will. In that case, we do have to look at other scripture and see that God judges us based on our hearts.

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