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CarolynR But see, even though Pharaoh's heart was hardened...
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Posted at 11:18 am on Oct 5, 2009

by God, it didn't have anything to do with his salvation. If he had let the people go, it wouldn't have been because he was a godly person; he already wasn't one. And once he did let them go, he tried to chase them down anyway. God knew that would happen. God had an important work to do right then in Egypt to show His power and His wrath against idolatry, both to His people and the surrounding heathen countries, in a way that wouldn't be soon forgotten. And Pharaoh was the man to use for that because he refused to acknowledge the true God.

Again with Esau...God knew in advance what Esau would be like, and therefore he didn't want him to be the patriarch of His people. Esau still had the same chance to do right as if God hadn't known anything, but God *did* know what he would do. Only God knew *my* character before I was born, but it's still up to me to listen to His voice and respond to it.

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