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CarolynR I understand...
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Posted at 12:55 pm on Oct 7, 2009

My dh used to have problems with this too--basically how to reconcile God's knowledge of the future with our own freedom of choice. I just don't have that problem...to me, it's a matter of trusting that God can know what we're going to do in advance without taking away our freedom. We have more than enough evidence that God is loving and fair, and yet the devil would like us to believe that He isn't. It's kind of like when he tempted Eve to distrust God, even after God had given her and Adam so mich.

I don't believe God designed Esau to be disobedient, or that He made the decision about Esau's not becoming patriarch based on anything except knowing what Esau would be like. Esau sold his birthright for food, showing how much he really cared about it. Yes, he regretted the loss of riches and prestige later, but I believe God knew the spiritual side of it would never be appreciated by the older twin.

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