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songbird i do understand why some christians put all their energy into politics

Poop Deck Powder Monkey
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Posted at 2:20 pm on Dec 2, 2009

and i can also see how indoing so they are doing their best for G-d.

the way i see it (and i am not saying this is the right way or only way to se it)is that christians, since there were christians have had to fight politicaly to gain the right to worship G-d. in some countries it is still illeagal to be a christian. in our own country, we are losing headway i mean it is politacally incorrect to even say "merry christmas" these days. i respect those who will stand up and say "hey, this (or that)is wrong we won't be treated like second class citizens, we wont let our religious freedoms be taken away." and indoing so they are spreading the good news.

of course we cant force people to "be good" but we certainly can let them know where we stand.

there are many many many ways to to represent Christ to the world. be it by helping the poor, direct witnessing or speaking out politicaly. JMHO

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