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IdaMay the apostles turned their world upside down
Capt. Lookatmy Broadside
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Posted at 3:13 pm on Dec 2, 2009

but did, while preaching and teaching the good news of God's love and way of forgiveness. They did not take on the Roman government of their time.

That said, there is no reason why we should not be involved in the decision making within our Government. Many leaders of the country, at its founding were involved in the country's decision making and their church affiliation.

Being involved in our country's decisions today can make a difference in Christian's ability to share the gospel in future years. If we sit back and do nothing politically, then life could be very tough for our children's children. If we do nothing to spread the gospel, we are disobeying God, to begin with, and what Christians will be here in America? So a balance is the best for the Glory of God, both now and in the future.

In a body there are but two eyes and two ears and many skin cells. Each of us in the Body of the Church has a purpose and plan -- there by God's design. While some may be fit for the political, that does not excuse them from sharing the gospel where God has put them. And while some be in evangelism, it does not preclude them [or excuse them] from supporting and speaking the right in political areas.

A Pastor I know was very involved in the making of some of the laws concerning schools, in the state in which he lived. He was so to protect the rights of the church to have a school without the state involved in choosing the curriculum and more. His involvement, also helped create the state school laws from making it illegal to home school [or putting undue hoops out there for home schooling parents/students to jump through.] He did this, while he was Pastor of not a small church, kept up his person visitation and soul winning activities. These political involvements gave him a unique opportunity to witness to many he would never had been in contact with, any other way. Those in the state still benefit from his work, but must keep diligent for some want to change the laws and require more and more and limit certain things more and more.

It may not be a perfect balance for each person, but overall it will be, I believe.

Each doing their own part for the Lord. Praying, giving, going -- like missions around the world, we can all have a part in it.

I can only teach you; you must educate yourself.

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