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songbird i agree with you

Poop Deck Powder Monkey
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Posted at 9:07 am on Jan 6, 2010

exegesis IS important BUT a person can get so wrapped up in the intellectual study of the bible that they lose the personal and spritual aspect of the study. i almost let this happen to me. i didnt even read my bible without several study aids spread out on the bed or table. (sigh)

i think what people tend to forget is that the bible was not written only for just scholars, it was written in a way that ALL men through ALL ages could understand the plan of salvation.

it is easy to purposely take scripture out of context to try to make it "fit" what we want it to.

in your exampl;"Abstain from all appearance of evil" speaking only of prophecies. does that clear us to NOT avoid all appearance of evil in other areas? i don't think G-d is saying that other appearances of evil are OK.

exegesis is important but not to the point that other texts, study aids, or people are shaping your understanding of the scriptures more than the Holy Spirit. JMHO

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