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Skma I have always understood the Word of God states
Blithe Bonny Boatswain
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Posted at 6:53 pm on Apr 17, 2010

that the tithe is ten percent of our income. And yes from personal experience, I have seen God's hands move powerfully in a financial way once I started tithing again. The Lord says to "test" him and inadvertently, our family did so.

When we began tithing once again, God did open the windows of heaven in a myriad of ways: Free medicine when I needed it, a survey job where I was paid $150, an unexpected scholarship letter for some lessons in the amount of $400, and the list goes on and on. I am confident this request to give 10 percent is to Christians, as "My sheep hear my voice and they know me". Few non believers will go around giving curches their ten percent.

To give you more info on the scholarship: One prayer service day I gave $90 tithe. As I was placing it in the offering plate, a little pang of fear hit me as I began to think of all the things I could ue the 90.00 for. It was almost as if the devil whispered in my ear "$90 is a lot of money" Fast forward to Thursday. Dd's music teacher (knows nothing of our financial situation nor of the tithing thing) gives her a letter to hand to me saying she was awarding her a $400 scholarship. Praise God.

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