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Admin Thanks...money is a personal issue so I've never really asked anyone

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Posted at 9:45 pm on Apr 17, 2010

if they have been blessed in a *tangible* way as a result of tithing. I know that I deal with trust issues, so when tithing is extremely difficult and our situation worsens I wonder what the "blessing" is. He always, technically, blesses us, even by just not letting us starve...so what is the difference between "regular" blessings just because He's good and blessings that are a result of tithing? Does God ever let people stay in poor, poor financial shape, even losing their homes though they are faithful? I think so. So is the blessing in another area of life--he doesn't let them suffer from cancer and keeps them healthy, but they still have just barely enough money to live on. ?

I realize that there is a good steward aspect to this equation (that I'm pretty sure we're still falling short on) but I'm asking because I only hear one side of tithing--that people are blessed materially--and I'm curious! God says to test him, so I'm wondering what the, uhh, litmus test is for knowing that God is blessing you because of his pleasure at your tithe. We've been blessed while tithing and while NOT tithing. Hey, God can do whatever he wants, I just want to understand it sometimes! LOL

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