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dutchgirl Has anyone been doing a special study for Holy Week?

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Posted at 7:16 am on Apr 7, 2012

Most years, around Thursday I realize that perhaps I could spend some time reading significant passages, and then I promise myself I'll be more on the ball next year, and I'm not.

This year, I've been much more purposeful. I have a book called Family Celebrations, which focuses on celebrating various meaningful occasions with kids, but I decided to go ahead and do the devotions on my own. It has one for each Sunday for six weeks leading up to Easter, and then daily for Holy Week. That has been good.

Then, I have been working through Jesus: 90 Days with the One and Only by Beth Moore, and realized a few weeks ago that if I doubled up a couple of days, I'd be on target to be reading the Holy Week selections during this week. That has been wonderful! It's such a great book.

Then, last Saturday I was helping cater a lunch for a local home school expo, and there was a used books booth so I checked that out and found a copy of Paul Meier's First Easter, and I've been reading that this week also.

It has been great. I will be more purposeful about this in the future because it has really made a difference and made this week more thoughtful and meaningful for me.

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