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Sherry Bowlsby The K program I like to do is:
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Posted at 8:25 am on Jul 17, 2011

1. Language and Thinking for Young Children by Ruth Beechick. This book costs less than $6 at Rainbow Resource. If they don't have it, I know the Homeschool Gathering Place in Raleigh, NC always has a few on their shelves used and they will ship to you.
This book teaches how to use the phone, some memorizations (they seem long for a K, but my kids did very well with this and when we had to wait in long lines anywhere, we would entertain ourselves by teling these memorizations to one another), manners, months, etc. VERY basic and yet really, really good.
2. Fun at the Beach Math felt set
3. The cuisenaire alphabet book
Doing these items takes very little time each day, which is good for a very active boy.

If you want to add in a reading program or writing lessons, you could do that as well. I liked SSR&W (but would not do all the writing!) for reading. Handwriting Without Tears would be good for writing. I recommend getting a little chalkboard but not all the manipulatives.

IF I was doing K now, I MIGHT do MFW. I haven't seen it but I know quite a few people used and loved it. Hewitt Homeschooling also has some good unit study type programs for that age group, as well. Several of them overlap grades to be used with mulitple children (since I see you are doing a K/1 mixture).


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