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Lea WELL....Now I'm a Rosetta Stone hater!..After looking at the Speedy Spanish, I decided I just wanted to can the RS...
Scurvy Sea Horse
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Posted at 4:03 pm on Jul 19, 2011

SO, I just uninstalled everything and listed the RS for sale on my local email loop earlier today.

A friend on that loop emailed telling me that they would like this program BUT I had already installed and registered it. She said that she thought there was a no-resell thing with RS.

Well, I called RS and that IS the case. I guess the person I bought this from (at a used homeschool sale) had not used the program, so it was not registered.

We did install it when I first bought it from that lady 2 years ago and my ds did use it. BUT the computer it was installed on DIED (I mean BURNED OUT) while we were on our trip to IN.

SO, now we are stuck with a program we couldn't use even if we wanted to use it!

I am gonna try to sell all the homeschool materials that came with it...study guide and workbooks for level 1 & 2. I'm assuming someone could use those with a new RS cd.

Greta Lea:)

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