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IdaMay we found out that
Capt. Lookatmy Broadside
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Posted at 8:35 pm on Jul 19, 2011

the only time we had a problem was when the drive this was loaded onto was near full - - a ds had copied all his music and pictures [usualy on a separate drive] onto the main drive, which was actually quite small -- because we thought it would be used for pictures, not the main OS and programs installed on it.

ummm, I figured it out on my own, -- though I had called them and they said we needed an extended period in which to go through things. I don't believe you can resell RS, but many computer things are that way. If you uninstalled it and want to try again, they recommend a "don't know what to call it. fix-it file? to completely get rid of any hidden files that would tell the program that this had been loaded on the computer previously. We ran it when I goofed it up the first time. Put it on our mac and it runs great. [unless the drive is too full to open the program because dc have loaded it with pictures and things that belong on their own section/drive on the same computer]

It really is a nice program when you get it set up. I've had as much trouble with SOS, as RS -- and RS is much better for this topic, than SOS, imo. [though the elementary Spanish was very nice in SOS]

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