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(unknown user) ok so tell me if i am just plain st*pid or crazy or something!
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Posted at 10:47 pm on Jul 20, 2011

honest to goodness!! - ok i KNOW i have messed up with some things homeschooling - using the school here was a BAD choice too - we got more benind and all :-( but i DO like unit studies - so we can do as much together as possible - i do NOT like lots and lots and lots of reading - i do NOT like reading books i can't get interested in - i just can't do it !! so i get bored doing certain thigns and then don't move on :-( ok with that said ---- here is my thinking -- the *st*pid or crazy part - i need told if i
am!* i think Cello is right and i sold here PP because i said my daughters did not like it, becuase it was too much like us --- BUT when i tried it - i honestly did not give it much time, then we signed up with teh school thing here - and had to use what they bought --- and at the time my daughter would have been 8 (i think) pretty young for the program.. and my boys erally d id not like it, they made fun of the stories etc (saying they were lies and made up - *jerks!* ) anyway this is LONG sorry! but since then my daughter has read the storeis and loved them --- sooooooooooo now i am thinking it would be good to d0 - one reason is i would only be *required* to read the LH books -- and add if we want to - not have to buy/read a whole lot of books i hate - like with the other programs like WP/ sonlight / MFW etc... i remember WP we had several books to read at one time - that is too much for *me* sonlight was worse! --- and PP is the most LIKE our lifestyle - we could add too it, and/or compare - or jsut act like we always do! my son probably would not like it as much --- my daughters are maybe a little young still, thoguh, so those are the drawbacks...

it would probably be the cheapest way for us to do, because if we can't buy any other *reading* books we can still occastionally find things online, or talk abotu things, or even borrow from library (that is another drawback for me, i don't do the library very often, not much to offer and the trip to town etc)

if i go with PP - i could add the mcguffey readers and ray's arithemetci (both era related) and maybe the handwriting Sherry mentioned (if i can find it)


tell me honestly --- i need opinions here!

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