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cellomom It's so hard to know, Tina.

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Posted at 11:26 pm on Jul 20, 2011

Sometimes after much prayer, I just go with my gut, and then I make myself stick with it. There are very few things we've dropped mid-year...only one was a core subject.

You've had PP in your hands. How was the prep for you? It was a bit too flexible for me and too much work for ONE child. Those I know who have done it and liked it have had 2 or 3 children in it, and they enjoyed doing it all together, working on projects and doing read-alouds.

For us, I've decided that we will just read the books. My oldest dd read them over and over. I've been reading them to my 7yo. Adventures in MFW goes through 2 or 3 of the books (Farmer Boy and On the Banks...for sure). They are just selected read-alouds that tie in with the time period being studied.

I don't think you are stupid or crazy. I think you have a lifestyle that requires more of you than most of us. Not only do you have a large family, but you have a small farm and do lots of cooking...on a woodstove no less. :-) Without that lifestyle, we are very busy, and I prefer very straightforward curriculum. If it's too much work for me, I rarely consider it. Homeschooling has been great for our family, but it was not my original plan, so I keep things simple for me so i can keep going.

I think I'm just rambling. I really don't know what to advise you to do except to go with your gut and make it work. Make sure your children know this is it...no questions asked. If you do PP, then make sure you have something supplemental that you KNOW your son will like, even if it is something simple that he only does 1 page of a week.

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