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Angie in VA 'Know what I liked most about PP? The order they had you read the LH books in!

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Posted at 7:53 am on Jul 21, 2011

I got overwhelmed by all the extra stuff. We ended up just reading the books. PP has you read Farmer Boy much later, like 2nd or 3rd to last. It's 3rd in the series, at least how most sources list it. The way PP has you read it, you meet Almonzo when Laura does. Then you read Farmer Boy and you realize how VERY different their backgrounds were. (They had so much food. The Ingalls? Not so much.) So, that's all I have to say about that.

Now, it really sounds like "just" doing the basics is what you need/are leaning to. I have a few teacher-intensive things I'm doing w/ ds right now, but when they're done, they're done.(Finished Latin w/ him, am helping w/ Spanish a bit, and doing grammar and spelling, yes, still, w/ him.) The rest, he does on his own: math and reading for lit, and history and science.

While he is polarizing, Dr. Art Robinson's methods and curriculum sound perfect for your situation. His kids worked on the farm and did their work, which was the 3 Rs and Bible. Here's the thing, you can find his book list all over the web, and you can tweak it. Most of his selections are available for free. :) (Folks print the books and keep them in 3 ring binders or bind them w/ glue and duct tape. Many others now just use some form of an e-reader.)

Ambleside is a free resource. Again, I bet a lot is on the internet available for download.

Then there is Old Fashioned Education. Same thing.

All of those have Yahoo groups where you could get a lot of ideas, and you can always tweak, tweak, tweak. Just join the Yahoo groups and read some messages about getting started, and check out their database and files and read more on how others do it to get ideas for your homeschool.

I was just helping my ds realize how much he has learned on his own, and dd piped up, "Yeah, I know you taught me to read, Mom, and you helped me w/ grammar when I started that and w/ some Spanish, but other than that, I have taught myself, huh, Mom?" Yep. :)

I wonder, if the library is not an easy option for you, if you can get a Kindle (or two? Three? Not sure how many dc you have, of you want young 'uns to handle an electronic device) and use those, downloading the books to one Kindle account and having them on each device? Of course, the ages of the dc is a factor. I have never paid for a Kindle ebook, but I have some great classics. I have them on my iPad, and when we're stuck somewhere, I will hand it to a dc so he/she can read something while we wait (on the rare occasion they don't have their books w/ them.)





I mention these, not to frustrate you w/ choices, but for you to see some basic 3R type of stuff in action, and affordable options.


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