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Admin I'm really tempted to suggest Hearts of Dakota (full programs or just Drawn Into the Heart of Reading) because

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Posted at 9:36 am on Jul 21, 2011

it lets YOU choose the books that you read. In one of their full programs, which are somewhat multi-level and have *great* teacher plans, they give you the option of which programs to use for different subjects (their suggestions or your own.) I linked the site for you and you can take a look at their sample day or week at a glance planner layouts. It goes up to age 12-13 and each level has extensions for younger kids. It includes Bible and much of the history includes Christian history..BUT you don't have to do everything on the planner if it's too much. Most of these programs, IMO, *are* too much in some way or another, so I don't feel bad in leaving out what I can't realistically do.

For language arts they always suggest a book OR the Drawn Into the Heart of Reading Program which is a multi-level reading program to use with ANY book you choose. It just gives you the questions to ask and activities to do. It's for grades 2-8 but I know some people stretch it a bit further. Here: Drawn Into the Heart of Reading So when you get to reading for each day you would continue in YOUR book and the planner gives you which pages in Drawn Into... to do with YOUR book. (I'd request a catalog or really look at the site to get a better idea than my brief explanation. It's all very planned out for you and each level of their full program can cover 3-4 grade levels. Here is their Program Selection Chart)

I know that you're very selective with what books you devote your time to. This could be a compromise to have the rest of the stuff planned out for you, but give you control of the books you read and not get off track with that. I think reading is SO important. Some children like reading and some don't, but mom is a big influence, IMO, on whether or not they start out thinking that it's something worthy of their time, so don't give up on it!

Link: http://www.heartofdakota.com/

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