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Lea Oh, yep, I agree...One of the reasons I recommended "just reading" and not doing a unit based on any books, is because...
Scurvy Sea Horse
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Posted at 11:01 am on Jul 21, 2011

Learning to enjoy reading for readings sake usually only happens when one "just reads" the book for what it has to offer.

I tell my kids (and sometimes *myself*) that a certain book is being read because of what it has to OFFER. Either the language and writing level is stretching the reader or the information is stretching the reader.

One thing to consider also, Tina is that with kids around the age of 11 (pre-puberty or just about to start puberty), they are really beginning to realize the world is not a hunky-dory place and they want to read books that CONFIRM this fact.

Greta Lea:)

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