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Blithe Bonny Boatswain
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Posted at 11:23 am on Sep 2, 2011

is very gentle beginning approach to latin, it's for K-3 and just what my DS needed. The absolute best thing is that Classical Academic Press has a website set up for their programs where you can play games and print coloring pages to reinforce the learning. The website is Headventureland.com (I think that's right!). I'm actually thinking of moving to one of their upper grade latin programs because of the support instead of using LC as I had intended. The approach to science is from MFW Adventures, they use the Usborne Encyclopedia of Science, Science with Air and Science in the Kitchen. These all have large writing and lots of colorful pictures on the pages and best of all they have experiments that can be done easily and with stuff around the house. My DS is loving doing the experiments!

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