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Sherry Bowlsby I tried AWOA once for a short period of time.
Capt. Lookatmy Broadside
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Posted at 11:05 am on Apr 5, 2012

For my Zach, it was too much writing and not enough activity/hands on. It might be overwhelming for someone who doesn't like to work (and for the someone that would be struggling to motivate). Can you look at a sample couple of weeks?
Have you looked at Remembering God's Chosen Children? It would be considered Bible, Art and History. There is a TON of variety in the assignments. It covers from Adam and Eve to Egypt. **All** of the assignments and activities are fun and you learn a ton. It is a large part of my coming to Christ.
Some assignments are cut & paste, some are drawing, some are writing, some are thinking and there is a section on researching other countries (small, 4 countries, I think).
There are some GREAT SL titles that went along w/this program.
Anyhow... I haven't used MFW.
If this is the historical time period you are looking for, I would HIGHLY recommend this.

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