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elaine I have used both and love both, too! I started with AWOA and

Marooned Me Matey
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Posted at 1:57 pm on Apr 5, 2012

moved through each one until we got to Westward and Onward. The author of the curriculum didn't have anything after that written yet, so we switched to MFW.

AWOA has everything included, except math. It's scripted and easy to use. You do have to utilize the library a lot, so it may be a hassle if you're not used to checking out a lot of books at one time. I loved how thoroughly it taught LA. I would have continued on with it if she had more curriculum written. This would be my first choice out of MFW and AWOA. Eta: She gives all kinds of book recommendations to check out from the library. From picture books to chapter books. She says kids of all ages can read picture books and learn a lot. So even if he doesn't like to read chapter books, he may get a lot of learning out of picture books. :)

We switched to MFW and it includes bible and social studies and music. You would need to purchase a separate science, LA, and math program. They recommend Progeny Press guides, can't remember the grammar program, Writing Strands, Apologia Science, and Saxon math. We used TT math, but kept all other recommendations.

We are continuing on with MFW for high school next year.

Any specific questions, just ask!

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