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cellomom I read LOTR when ds was going through that course, because he was upset I couldn't discuss with him. lol

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Posted at 6:25 pm on Apr 5, 2012

He was WAY ahead of me, but somehow just knowing I was reading them made him feel better. Dd has been reading some thing this year for Anne of Green Gables that I haven't read. Lots of old poetry...Tennyson, etc. I'd probably like it, but I haven't made the time to read them. Like I said, I've been really out of touch with her this year, and I feel really bad now. I thought she was enjoying the freedom of it, and I think overall she has, but it's become a burden to her. We had discussed this some time back, and she said it was fine, but apparently it wasn't. I think she will like the more structured year we have next year, but I also think she would really enjoy being at school. I always have. That said, she LOVES dance and violin, and one would have to go, and it would most likely be dance. That is weighing in big time right now.

And I don't think I answered...yes... PP guides have helped me tremendously in the past. That's why I wanted to do a couple every year. I think MFW drained me more than I thought it would, or maybe it is just E. LOL I like a certain amount of time to myself, and I'm just selfish enough to take it most of the time. :-/ I suppose it isn't entirely selfish, because when I push myself, I end up sick. Like now. *sigh*. I'm fighting not to get any worse, because I have a ton of commitments this weekend, and I was hoping to take E to the zoo tomorrow! I know going will wear me down, and then I may have trouble conducting orchestra and choir Saturday and Sunday, but I want to take her!

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