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Angie in VA Which audition? They've all blurred together, lol! She's in the middle of the

Capt. Lookatmy Broadside
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Posted at 7:36 pm on Apr 5, 2012

1st violin section. She's happy, so I'm happy. :) Did I tell you her youth orchestra was hiring a conductor this year, so three auditioned? They each had X amount of rehearsals and one concert. The YO got the students' feedback. She's happy w/ the one who got the job.

Oh, and, hey you. Thanks for missing me! And thanks for the link! I do love JB. He's a cutie, but I'm glad your link didn't show him. He's a bit, um, distracting to watch! Still, the boy sure can play. And I won't tell you how I thought Kreisler was spelled the first time I heard the work, OK. ;)

And about your dd's weighing private and hs, here's a question for you:

1. Will her schedule at a ps allow her to have time to devote to violin? Practice? Rehearsals in the youth orchestra? For all the programs you do at church? How much time will she have to pursue her interests?

(OK, that was more than one question, lol!)

Also, dd (1st born) was reading before she would enter K, so I wanted to keep her home, but, no ps existed that appealed to me. I didn't mind a co-ed school, but if a ps had same-sex classes, I would have been more inclined to to send her there. I hope the fad of girls' not wanting to look smart so boys will like them is over. Blek!

We are busy and I'm tired. Just plain tired. I have some carpal tunnel, enough that my hands hurt and sometimes I wake up w/ their being numb. :( On top of that, I have eczema on my hands right now and that's painful too. Ugh. So this typing will have to end soon.

One debate tournament left. (No more official club meetings. YAY!) Three more YO rehearsals left. One more YO concert left. DD takes an AP test in mid-May. I'm soooooo ready to wrap up these outside extras.

Baseball practices have begun and two of the boys on ds's team have grown up so! One's gotten taller and one's filled out and both are hitting the ball HARD. Ds isn't bad either. :)

So, thanks for the link and thanks for not forgetting about me!

Oh, and I'm tired of my poor family's allergies! Isn't that awful? I'm so cranky!

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