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elaine I wouldn't. ANWOA and Westward and Onward maybe, but AWOA no.

Marooned Me Matey
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Posted at 8:53 pm on Apr 5, 2012

That is the whole basis for learning - reading real books instead of reading out of a textbook.

She has a more informational format in ANWOA and W&O, but AWOA (from what I remember) was using books, activities and recipes. And, like I said, we did a lot of lapbooks, which were fun. I like to look at them every once in awhile because they bring back good memories of that time. :) He did learn a lot just from doing those.

Her list is really long for suggested books because she knows some libraries will not have all of the books available, so there is variety for that reason. She suggests checking out a variety of books on the list because she wants the student to choose books he will enjoy. It doesn't mean they have to read them all, or even a whole book, but just that they are available to choose from and read what interests him. Ds enjoyed reading real books better than text books, so it was good for us.

Just a rambling thought, but I'm wondering if it would be easier now that ebooks are available? And, if they would have ebooks from her recommended list available?

ETA! I just remembered something! We checked out movies from the library, too! We checked out historical movies, Bill Nye - The Science Guy, Reading Rainbow, etc. Our library had a lot of educational movies available. After we read a book, if it had a movie, we would watch the movie. So, ds did learn a lot from movies, too.

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