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Lea The BEST thing that can happen to a kid is for them to begin CARING about their education! Whoohoo for y'all!!!:)
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Posted at 10:23 am on Apr 6, 2012

It also makes life in general SOOOOOOO much easier for everyone!:)

My older son had spring break this week (I let them pick their week), so he's had a nice, lazy week. I hope he's well rested, 'cuz next week we are gonna work on writing a 3 source research paper (via IEW models).

He'll be taking the ACT in June, so I got a book titled, "ACT Crash Course" for us both to read through and discuss (quick and easy reading...but helpful stuff!). The book has some sample test problems that he'll do, but I'm also looking for some full practice tests online for him to use. I need some printable ones. His OCD tendencies make BUBBLING a PAIN. He NEEDS to practice fast bubbling (of all things!LOL)

Thankfully, he's finished science for the year and will finish history about mid-week. We are gonna be working on a History research paper during history time and ACT practice during science.

Younger son had a good week back after his spring break. He's been motivated and working hard, thankfully! A recent continual topic for research and discussion for him has been what he wants to study in college and do for a career. I guess since we talk a lot to older brother about this, he thinks he needs to decide also. I keep telling him NOT to stress over this. He says he's not stressing, but that thinking about this helps him be motivated with school.

Anyway, for about a month now he'd been saying he wants to be an engineer of some sort. This week he's been researching online (he searches for the average salary and also if it's a growing or declining market for the jobs). Yesterday he told me that he thinks he might be better suited to get a degree in liberal arts or business, then go to film school AFTER that.

Film school? THat's a new one!LOL

Greta Lea:)

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