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Lea Oh and we've been going to a dr. with my older son to get an updated Aspie label...We were hoping...
Scurvy Sea Horse
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Posted at 10:33 am on Apr 6, 2012

...that with that updated label he could get extended time on the ACT.

We had our 3 meeting with the dr. on Wed. I told him I was having trouble finding exactly what I needed for HIM to fill out and return to the ACT folks. He said I probably needed to call them and that they would send him a checklist. He says that the checklist changes slightly from year to year sometimes, but that he thinks my ds will NOT be eligible.

He says that my ds *barely* meets the AS criteria. It's all social stuff, not academic that he's meeting the criteria.

Also, he is REALLY wanting us to have him try taking the ACT without the extended time at least once (the first time). He gushes about how intellegent he is and has mentioned his high IQ several times (we don't have all the official scores yet, but he's mentioned it).

He keeps telling my son that he does NOT want him to let this very mild Aspie label become a block from him trying and going after ANYTHING he desires.

We talked about his struggles in math (doesn't have an offical dx). The dr. said that just because you struggle in one academic area is not enough criteria to make the ACT board allow extended time.

Anyway, I think we will try taking it in June without extended time....just to see.

Dr. did say that this new updated Aspie label (even a weak one) will help him get services in college a little easier if HE feels he needs them.

Greta Lea:)

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