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Des Still now sure about everything but
Blithe Bonny Boatswain
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Posted at 11:22 am on Apr 6, 2012

I think we have the basics decided, my new PreK/ K'er:

Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading
Fun Math(free math program for preK/K)
Song School Latin
FLL 1/2 (2nd half of year)
What Your K'er Needs to Know (for history and lit. selections)

My new 4th grader:
CW Aesop A
3B/4A Singapore math (calculadders for drill)
HWOT cursive
Latina Chritiana 1
Christian Studies 1
Exploring the World of Physics w/kit

11th Grader:
IEW American History writing
2nd Form Latin (begin 3rd Form latin when done)
TT Geometry
Biology & Anatomy
Notgrass Exploring Am. History
Teaching company Am. Lit. lectures w/selected lit.
Alpha Omega Civics (letting him do it the whole year)

I'm trying to wait until July before doing a RR or CBD order. I want to see how much I can find used first. I have most of what I need already and I just found LC1 used today and purchased it (that's how I decided to use it, lol). I am struggling with what to use for my 4th grader for history.

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