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Patticom Twin 7th graders, with very different abilties/levels

Capt. Lookatmy Broadside
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Posted at 1:07 pm on Apr 6, 2012

I haven't decided for sure, but I'm strongly considering Switched on Schoolhouse Science for them. My elder son liked that, though he was much more precocious/academic than either of his brothers.... I hate spending that kind of $$$$ without knowing for sure they'll love it. :-/

For english, if I get SOS Science I'll probably get SOS english also, for the more advanced twin (and his brother can maybe do it in 8th). Still deciding for the slow twin, but leaning toward 6th grade level Hake English... or possibly Abeka, just because I'm more familiar with it (and may have better luck finding that one used). And we'll do a bit of "English from the Roots Up" for both. :)

Seeking TT7 for math. Hope to find it used, but will buy new if I must.

We're still working through "A History of US" for History--starting book 6 next week, so that will most certainly take us into next year. When we finish that, we'll do something fun and different the 2nd semester--CLP's Story of the Middle Ages, japanese history (for which I have lots of material), or both. :)

We are dropping piano, but may pick up another instrument... still deciding, and looking at our budget. There is a homeschool activities league here which does sports we will have to join (as the cheaper more seasonal teams all end at 6th). Still deciding for spanish... I would get Pimsleur if it wasn't so expensive. *sigh* We may just give up spanish and go back to german--I do have Pimsleur for that, plus a bit of other stuff. I am torn, because in Florida there are SO many spanish speakers that it really would be better to do that language *here*. :-/

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