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Lea Mom's of struggling writers, do NOT underestimate the power of dictation!...Samples of my 8th gr. son's writing...
Scurvy Sea Horse
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Posted at 8:22 pm on Apr 7, 2012

We started this year, doing some written narrations, but they were SO lacking that I dropped them. Instead, I started doing copywork and dictation almost everday of the week (still orally narrating in *complete* sentences too).

Here's a written narration from early in the year....(Remember, this is my dyslexic 8th grade son)...

(No indention) Nathaniel Bacon became governor but he was a little young to be governor and because of his age his mind was young and with that young mind he killed the Indians because he did not trust them but later in time he said sorry to te Indians and they made peace.

...Two weeks ago, we started doing KWO outlines and then writing from the KWO after doing pretty much nothing but copywork and dictation for MONTHS. (I haven't taught *any* of IEW's "dress-ups" like using "ly" words. Just practing KWO and writing from them right now...slow and steady:)

Here's what he wrote 2 weeks ago...

LiPo was a famouse Chinese poet. Everyone loved his poetry, but everyone didn't like him as a person, because he was a major alcholic. In fact he died because of alchol.

Now, here's last week's writing from a KWO...

In the early days of America schools were very diferent than schools today. Instead of haivng many school books like we have today they had one book cleaverly title "The New England Primer".

Obviously, this is still NOT "8th grade writing", BUT look at how much he has IMPROVED while doing NOTHING but copywork and dictation for MONTHS.

I am so happy! No place to go but up now:)

If you've got a struggling writer of any age, I am now recommending copywork and dictation even more highly now:).

Greta Lea:)

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