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Bamabunny I have a question about definate gaps......

Blithe Bonny Boatswain
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Posted at 4:11 pm on Apr 9, 2012

Ok..so there was about 2 school years where we didn't get much of anything done. I was physically unable to do it for one year and the next year I was on the verge of a mental breakdown due to new baby and high needs.

SO..this year we have kinda just picked up where I thought they would be able to continue learning. My 8th grader went to public school and that was a waste of time..he learned nothing except to be disrespectful so he is back home now.

So I gave them a standardized test based on the actual grade they are supposed to be in and whooaaa..they are lost.

So now I feel like I need to regroup and figure out how to catch up..which is a problem with my 8th grader now entering high school next year.

Here is what I am doing for him.
I put him back in 7th grade Teaching Textbooks and he is watching the lessons and doing the practice problems only. He is covering about 5 lessons a day as long as he is doing ok and not missing any. He has to make an A/B on the quiz to move on. I am trying to get him through this so that he can start pre-alg this summer. Right now he is doing ok.
He is doing easy grammar plus as a review.
for science I am not sure what to do.
and for history i thought about getting him something on government because that seems to be where he doesn't enough on the tests.

my other child is a 4th grader. She is just learning multiplication..sigh but she is doing well. She also did not know enough about government and in science she seems to missing basic physical science and experimenting.

Where do i start???

I would love to see a huge improvement in next years testing!:/

Mom to Cory 24, Ashley 22, Kayla 20, Austin 17, Aubrey 13 and Lexi 4.

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