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Super Mom It has its ups and downs
Capt. Lookatmy Broadside
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Posted at 4:51 pm on Apr 9, 2012

but we have seriously not regretted our choice for Christian school. The one thing I would "caution" you about is that the kids are still sinful kids. Seriously. As long as you don't go into thinking your precious little angel is going to stay pure minded with like Christians, you will be doing good.

For the most part, I can't complain, but kids will be kids! My ds, whose momma DID raise him right in a Christian home, came home one day to tell me about a "joke" he told in school. (Hear me banging my head against the wall??) I gasped and told him he couldn't tell jokes like that at school!! He tried to backtrack, but...I finally had to tell him that if he got confronted about an inappropriate joke he told, and was given ISS...he deserved it!

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