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IdaMay a thing to remember with grade scores
Capt. Lookatmy Broadside
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Posted at 12:10 pm on Apr 10, 2012

Grade scores do this: What that told me was that a 12th grader would have done as well as she did. {Sherry is right} but not only do they only tell you that a 12th grader would as well as that student, but that would that well ON THAT SELF SAME TEST.

I did not mean to yell, but have not way in draw attention to that part of it. The 12th grader 'mentioned' would do that well on that same test and not that your 5th grade [??] student would do as well on the 12th grade test.

I hope I was able to explain that well enough.

Grade scores are about the least important score of all time.

Seeing the standard score remain the same [or improve a bit] shows more that the student has gained a year or more or 'knowledge'. Sorry to say the tests only test the knowledge 'someone' thinks ought to be learned at any given level.

I can only teach you; you must educate yourself.

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