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songbird i can relate to this- right now i have 3 ds's in college

Poop Deck Powder Monkey
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Posted at 8:38 am on Apr 12, 2012

2 are great at math and science- and then there is "M". M struggles severely with math- he is excellent in lit and history. but did take remidial math at cc. anyhow -long story short- he is an econ major with a great gpa.

what he did was get an assosiates at the cc while taking full advantage of the free math tutoring- then he transfered to a 4 yr school and set his schedule over 5 semesters instead of 4. and took math classes over the summer.

believe me- i felt like i had ruined him too. but the truth is, he simply isnt good at higher maths. he is fine with the type of math that relates to his degree but outside of that- forget it.

i think the best thing for him was graduating from cc with honors- it really boosted his confidense in himself.

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