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Renee in TN I love your "mean mommy hat" comment, and I can really relate to it.
Blithe Bonny Boatswain
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Posted at 1:30 pm on Apr 13, 2012

However, my sons were troopers this week. They completed all their schoolwork with very little help from me! WooHoo, they are getting so independent.

It has been a physically hard week for me, so their cooperation and hard work has been awesome. I had to go to the podiatrist on Tuesday this week for my foot, because it was swollen and bruising. It's the same foot which I broke last year. He thinks it is the ligament in my foot that has snapped. He has put me in a boot for two weeks. On the 24th, if my foot is still as swollen or tender, he will order an MRI. If the ligament has snapped, it will require surgery. Prayers are welcome!

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